Monday, 3 June 2013

Exciting developments in my CLOSE one-name study!

I'm deviating from my usual practice of focusing on one CLOSE individual today to record some of the exciting recent developments in my one-name study.

First of all, I've had a number of very interesting email exchanges with Karen Close Goodman in the USA who has spent many years researching the family of Goodman John CLOSE who emigrated with his family from Swaledale to Fairfield, Connecticut about 1640.  Karen has not only recorded the genealogy of several thousand descendants of this John CLOSE in the USA, but has collected an amazing amount of background information about the individuals and the places where they lived.  It makes fascinating reading, and will take some time to digest the enormous amount of detail!  Thank you for sharing this with me, Karen!

A second, but not entirely unrelated, development is the progress recently made with the CLOSE Y-DNA project - details can be found at
I'm in contact with the project co-ordinator Catherine Close, and also with a number of male CLOSEs who have either already taken or are about to take a Y-DNA test.  Y-DNA follows the male line, and therefore tends to be transmitted with a surname (although 'non-paternal events' can lead to unexpected results, of course).  We currently have a number of participants in the USA, including at least two who are believed to be descended from the above-mentioned Goodman John CLOSE of Swaledale and Fairfield, Connecticut; we are now looking to obtain some results from a Swaledale descendant in the UK to see if there is a match with the American ones. 

DNA image courtesy of sheelamohan at
So what next?  There are many CLOSE family lines which are as yet unconnected.  I'd really like to persuade male CLOSEs descended from long-established families in 'hotspots' for the surname, such as Collyweston (Northamptonshire) and Minchinhampton (Gloucestershire) as well as Swaledale, to take the Y-DNA test.  There are some CLOSS families which may have originally been CLOSE - so males from those families would also be good candidates for testing.  If you or someone you know could help, please get in touch.  Contact details can be found here: .