Saturday, 16 August 2014

Remembering the fallen - 2

Further to my post of 5 August, I've just come across this listing for 19 CLOSE losses from the German side:
Date Last name First name Place
22/10/1914  CLOSE Anton Rodt, Aachen
29/10/1914  CLOSE Heinrich Mützig, Kr. Molsheim
27/02/1915  CLOSE Heinrich Mutzig (vermutl.)
29/05/1915  CLOSE Clemens Faymonville, Malmedy
27/09/1915 CLOSE Josef Heppenbach, Malmedy
22/06/1916  CLOSE Johann Feymonville
20/12/1916  CLOSE Johann Recht, Malmedy
20/01/1917  CLOSE Josef Selbeck, Düsseldorf
09/07/1917  CLOSE Franz Recht, Malmedy
14/09/1917  CLOSE Johann Recht, Malmedy
27/10/1917 CLOSE Johann Faymouville
22/12/1917  CLOSE Michael Recht, Malmedy
11/06/1918  CLOSE Alexander Faymonville, Malmedy
15/07/1918  CLOSE Peter M{.}rfeld, Malmedy
19/08/1918  CLOSE Johann Herresbach, Malmedy
03/10/1918  CLOSE Peter Heppenbach, Malmedy
12/10/1918  CLOSE Josef Jaymonville, Malmedy
30/10/1918  CLOSE Johann Herresbach, Malmedy
26/08/1919  CLOSE Johann Heppenbach
Check out to see if there's a surname of interest to you.
For reasons spelled out in my July posting, I won't be researching the German surname KLOSE.  A search for KLOSE on the Verlustlisten page comes up with over 2,600 hits.  Oh my!